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We give you increased results – every time!

Our success is based on your success. We won’t take your money for campaigns that we don’t believe will be successful, we’re only interested in making you money.

I want to

We’ve used our superhuman abilities to rank businesses of all kinds, higher search rankings mean more business for you and more cash flow.

I want

We have the know-how to send traffic to all sorts of websites, all the way from financial institutions to one-man bands.

I’m just

Many of our customers are just starting out online and need a little guidance and to help them through the subtleties of the SEO world.

I’m not
happy with
my SEO.

A lot of our customers come to us after having experiences with less than reputable SEO companies and we’re happy to rectify all the work by them.

Content is King

Our strategy revolves quite heavily on the creation of witty, well-rounded content. Our specialised team of budding Shakespeare’s create a wide array of specialised content, from Facebook posts all the way up to large scale web projects.

Anyway, because SEO is anything but guaranteed, we pride ourselves on our ability to be changeable and adaptable in a world that is just that; changeable and adaptable. We monitor everything on a monthly basis, to ensure that if something isn’t working then we’re in the best position to fix it. This is the dapa way and building up our clients business is our bread and butter.

If you’d like to learn more, then why not give us a shout on the ol’ dog and bone, we’d love to walk you through our processes in a bit more detail.


Our process

Our success is defined by making our clients’ money, only then can we claim we’ve done a great job for our customers. They say that money doesn’t make the world go round, but it certainly keeps your company in business and when you make money, we make money. Simple.

Define Goals!

In order to make our work successful, we need to understand you and the sector in which you operate. We need to understand your competitors, your goals and the targets that you set for your company and any SEO campaign.

Design & Build!

Once we’ve designed your campaign we will build upon the foundations. Some of our customers require different things and one of our great strengths is our ability to ad-lib. We like to roll with the metaphorical punches and create strong customised campaigns that benefit the customer.

Test & Improve!

We are always constantly looking to improve; whether that’s pumping the iron at the gym or creating tailored SEO campaigns. But, you probably want to hear about the SEO though right? We’ve got a guy in here that can dead lift 165kg. Just saying.

London SEO

SEO companies in London are a dime to a dozen, so you’re probably thinking, ‘dapa, why are you different? We’ve heard this all before.’ Well, let’s start with the way we work. We don’t do things the same as others companies, we do what Google does and not what Google says.

We like to think of ourselves as something like the Avengers of the SEO world and we don’t like the evils of black hat SEO, because companies that take your money and don’t deliver are all too frequent. dapa deliver bottom line results and not fluff, we don’t like fluff, we have allergies. We never over-promise, just over-deliver.


London SEO

Our vast experience in the SEO game is extensive; we have worked on multi-million pound campaigns all the way through to small local campaigns. So long as we can deliver an ROI for you, we don’t mind.

Local SEO Optimisation

We made our name in the Local SEO game and those humble beginnings are still something we hold dearly. Helping out small companies and one man bands is certainly not something we overlook – in fact we thrive on helping out the little guy and helping them become more profitable.

International SEO Planning

We work with companies all over the country and not to brag or anything but our UK SEO game is pretty strong. We utilise the talents of our team to assess the key words based on the area they are operating from and the services/products they provide.

SEO for Financial Services

We’ve provided SEO for a range of different sectors, but none more so than the finance industry. We work with companies specialising in; asset finance, Payment Protection Insurance, investments and payroll; which means we are well versed in all aspects of FCA regulations.

London Search Engine Optimisation

In case you hadn’t realised London has a rather large surface area, so it may seem like a rather daunting task, however fear not, we’re dapa. As you’ve probably gathered our client portfolio is varied and contains some very unusual niches.

During our time in the game we have developed strategies for some of the biggest corporations in the area. However, on the flip side we have worked with start-ups and our SEO efforts have in some cases literally made businesses from the ground up.

We know it’s not prim and proper to talk so openly about money, but let’s look at the facts here, when we make you money, you make us money and the more money we make the more likely you’re going to want to invest with us. 


How do we do what we do?

We’ve built a reputation in our time in business simply because we do things differently. We’re not sheep, we’re an industry leading Shepard. That’s just how we roll.

Competitor & Market Analysis

We like to create a nice warm fuzzy feeling with our clients, which means that we like to get to know our clients and what they do – which means by default we need to know how your competition works and the lay of the land in your sector.

Advanced Keyword Optimisation

Creating a successful campaign starts with quality key words. We research keywords in depth and ensure that page keyword density is perfect, not only for Google to find the pages but also from a conversion point of view.

Backlink Breakdown

Sometimes in life it helps to understand the past as well as the future, and websites are no different. We need to understand the life your website has led before we can proceed onward – analysing the links that have been built is key to developing a strategy.

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Get high conversion rates for all screen sizes!

The online world is expanding exponentially every day, so it’s really important to stay ahead of the curve, and these days that means ensuring that your website is optimised for all screens. There’s nothing worse than clicking onto a website on your smart phone and then having to scroll and re-size everything. So, what’s the solution? Optimising your site for mobile, tablet and laptop is incredibly important, and this is because smart phones are now the most used device for surfing the internet, so conversion via mobile has become a valuable means of income for businesses online.


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Thanks to our practices, our client, iSmart was the fastest growing company in Northamptonshire for 2014/2015

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D. Fitzjohn, iSmart


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